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    Dr. Bruce Haberman

    Growing up in Brooklyn, New York as one of three sons of second-generation parents, Dr. Haberman always understood the value of hard work and dedication to one’s studies.  After graduating with a B.S. degree in Biology and Pre-med from New York’s Brooklyn College, he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from Columbia Institute of Chiropractic in New York City.  He is Board-Certified and well versed in the treatment of muscular and painful joint injuries. 

    In 1993 Dr. Haberman along with his wife and children, moved to Lima, Peru where he  introduced Chiropractic to its people, and has achieved high recognition for his efforts.  His practice there is still an icon and living testimonial as to the benefits of chiropractic.  He has proved to become one of the most sought-after health experts in Peru and has appeared on Lima’s Prime time TV as a guest speaker and spinal specialist.  He has treated people from all walks of life, including the presidential family and many professional athletes and TV personalities.  He had also given freely his services to underprivileged families and missionaries from many different nations.    

    Dr. Haberman has been taking an unconventional approach to chiropractic medicine for the last 47 years.  Going beyond the simple adjustment, Dr. Haberman delves into neurology, orthopedics, and other disciplines to treat his patients with an interdisciplinary approach to treat his patients and restore overall health and well-being.  He has served his patients well, who seek his services for a wide range of needs, from therapeutic massage and sports injuries to pregnancy wellness and elderly issues.  Dr. Haberman has assisted with sports performance on the high school level and Sheriff’s football league, to Special Olympics, to many professional sports players both here and in South America.  He attributes his enormous success and growth to his strategic alliances with members of all health and wellness disciplines who appreciates his commitment to service. Dr. Haberman plans on the expansion of his expertise into the growing chiropractic integrative medicine arena inclusive of regenerative medicine; thereby, helping people regain and maintain their health and wellness through lifestyle modification and nutrition.

    Dr. Haberman is now returning full time to what he loves most, helping people obtain relief from needless pain and suffering both acute and chronic in nature.  His new office will be accepting new patients, focusing on cervical and lumbar discogenic diseases inclusive of disc hernias, disc prolapses, disc protrusions, and simple vertebral misalignments.  His new integrative approach should help patients with a score of other systemic and regenerative issues.  His office is inviting the public to experience cutting edge state of the art equipment designed for spinal and knee decompression, to help restore a healthy integrity of the knee, disc and vertebral column.  Use of laser and other modalities will assist in his treatment of disc problems while reducing pain, stiffness, and inflammation.

    Dr. Haberman resides in Royal Palm Beach with his family. When not assisting patients, he spends quality time with his family enjoying an active and healthy lifestyle in South Florida.


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